Bill Malick   -  

I can still hear the words of my old mentor, “People tend to go in the direction they are headed.” Life keeps on proving the adage. So here is the acorn that this blind squirrel has discovered. Leading effective change begins with two initial steps. Step one is the art of turning faces away from where they are looking. Step two is to effectively refocus the person to visualize and step in a new direction. And then there is this. Before attempting to lead change seek a clear picture of God’s intent for the people’s future focus. Consider Nehemiah’s process.


Nehemiah heard the news of the people’s crushed spirit, burnt gates and tattered walls in the month of Kislev. Yet, it was not until the month of Nisan, a full four months later, until Nehemiah was
confronted by the king regarding the burden that was written all over his face.

God’s purpose for His people and the walls and the gates was not destruction. Others had tried to rebuild. But it was Nehemiah that successfully led the change that others could not. Don’t miss the
impact of his four-month labor with God  before he took a single step toward Jerusalem.

So, what did Nehemiah do? He accepted the burden. He wept. He mourned and fasted and prayed. In order to be aligned to lead change, Nehemiah applied for God’s forgiveness with personal confession and confession for the people. He petitioned God by appealing to His great
promise…God’s original intent. He called attention to the massive things that God has already done for all of the people. Finally, he asked for favor before the human key influencer of the day…the


Leading Change in the life of the church is effective when it takes intentional steps on a designated journey. That journey begins with the first step. That step is alignment with God.

Bill is founder and President of the Fresh Start Network. Bill has a vision and passion to see thousands of life-giving churches replanted throughout the world. He is a national leader within the Christian and Missionary Alliance and has over 30 years of experience working with pastor, boards, and leadership teams. Bill and his wife Debbie live in Colorado Springs.