Fresh Start Network

Replanting Life Giving Churches

If you have a dream to see your church have a fresh start, and reach your community with the hope of Jesus, we are here for you.


World-class training from a leadership team that is devoted to seeing your church experience a fresh start. Our intentional training process is made up of one on one session, in person intensives, and co-hort style community groups. You will have the opportunity to talk with other pastors who have already led effective replants. We are here to help you.


We are here to walk with you through each season of leading a Fresh Start at your church. We have certified Fresh Start Coaches that will encourage and empower you throughout the process.


It takes resources to replant a church and the Fresh Start team is here to help. We have grants set up for qualifying Fresh Start churches from resources given by those who believe in what you are doing! We ask that once you have completed the Fresh Start journey you re-invest those dollars through your missions giving so that others coming after you will have this same opportunity.


Imagine a new beginning for a once thriving church. Imagine a church struggling, declining, and even dying but now experience a new birth, a new beginning...a FRESH START. It can happen. It is happening! 

-Bill Malick, Director for Fresh Start Churches