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Harvard Business Review defines a team as, “a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, set of performance goals, and approach for which they
hold themselves mutually accountable.” Every success I have realized in ministry followed God’s purpose. The wins were totally dependent upon deeply committed people rightly connected to the
challenge before them. Forward movement came when the team was cared for and encouraged as they exercised their God-given gifts.


Nehemiah’s clear purpose was determined through prayer and fasting over four months of listening. It is in chapter two that the plan comes together through careful assessment of the walls and gates.
Now months after being caught by the purpose through an intense burden Nehemiah is ready to recruit and inspire the team. He rallies them by painting a clear picture of what every person listening wants in their future with the exception of those who want to keep things exactly like they are. But that is a subject for a coming blog.


The response, “Let’s start rebuilding.” The team is waiting for instruction. Nehemiah laid out a team strategy with specific parameters. However, his work did not stop there. You see, team building is a continuous action! Here are some of the key actions Nehemiah took in leading his diverse team.


1. He set the course and kept it in front of the people
2. He anticipated opposition and resisted it with consistency
3. He listened to the team making timely adjustments to how they would work
4. He remained alert and stayed in the game

5. He documented what each group was doing
6. He built momentum
7. He encouraged them not to be afraid
8. He pointed them to God who is great and awesome
9. He helped the poor and hurting
10. He celebrated the victories


Bill is founder and President of the Fresh Start Network. Bill has a vision and passion to see thousands of life-giving churches replanted throughout the world. He is a national leader within the Christian and Missionary Alliance and has over 30 years of experience working with pastor, boards, and leadership teams. Bill and his wife Debbie live in Colorado Springs.